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Ready to get started...?
Use the contact form on the Assessment page to schedule a meeting.


Is there a fee for your assessment…?
There is no fee for our initial assessment.
How long does it take to run a business assessment…?
Our initial meeting is typically no more than 15 minutes. During this session, we will gather basic information about your company to determine which tax incentive, business expense reduction programs you may qualify for as well as potential revenue gain opportunities. This can be done onsite, over the phone or via web conference…whichever best accommodates your schedule.
What information do I need to provide…?
After the initial interview we will follow-up to get additional detail based on the service benefit opportunity. As an example, to determine how much revenue you could generate from paying your vendors virtually, we would just need a summary of your accounts payable spend sorted by supplier. In 3-5 business days we’ll get back to you with an estimate of the rebates you could earn.
Do we have to change our business service providers…?
Not at all. If you are satisfied with the current level of service of your credit card merchant processor, cell phone or business insurance or other service providers, continue with them. Use us to make sure you are not inadvertently being overcharged for any fees that don’t apply to your business.
What happens if we change a service provider…?
Our expert team will continue to act on your behalf to make sure your new business service provider is billing you only for fees or line items that apply to your business. We provide peace of mind, month in and month out, so that you can focus on running your business.


What specialized savings services do you provide…?
We can help you transform your Accounts Payable department into an additional revenue channel as well as give hourly employees instant access to their earned wages and lower your healthcare costs
Are these services my CPA or CFO could handle…?
Business expense reductions and revenue gain opportunities we identify and recover on your behalf, require highly specialized expertise to maximize your benefit capture and to ensure any overcharges found are permanently removed.
How are you compensated for providing these services…?
We are compensated based on a share of the savings identified. There is no charge for our assessment of your business expense reduction and savings recapture opportunity. In effect we offer a free business diagnostic. If we don’t find any savings for your business you owe us nothing.


Will my business qualify for a savings benefit…?
In our experience 9 out of 10 companies can benefit from one or more of our services. Your savings level will depend on what our team determines when they evaluate selected areas of your business.
Are savings ongoing or a one-time benefit…?
This depends on the service type.  Services that are recurring will continue to deliver savings as long as you are using those services.
When are recurring savings paid out…?
Savings from recurring programs will be delivered on an ongoing basis, typically beginning within 3 weeks of our analysis of your business data and verification of benefit level.
When are project savings paid out…?
Project savings are typically paid out within 30 days of confirmation of your total savings benefit and recovery from the underlying service provider or taxing authority.

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